Cenforce 100 MG


The well-known erection medicine Cenforce 100 MG, directly from the supplier Centurion Labs in India. One blister contains ten pills.

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What is Cenforce?

Cenforce is the brand of the erection medicine containing Sildenafil Citrate. This medicine is produced by Centurion Labs (India) and is well known used in Viagra. But Cenforce is seen as the better version of Viagra, with less to none side effects or complaints. This medicine is often used in pill form or oral jelly form. The active agent Sildenafil Citrate is easily admitted in your body and will make sure of an erection within 30 minutes. This is the reason why Cenforce is often used for men with erectile dysfunctions, but also for men to be worry free about any erection pressure.

How to use Cenforce safely?

Take the medicine about 30 minutes in advance. For optimal effect make sure to not take Cenforce on an empty stomach. The recommenced dose of Cenforce is between 50 en 10 mg, with more than 100 mg being considered ineffective. But even a lower dose is often effective enough, take that in mind.

Non-genuine copies of Cenforce can be considered dangerous, often made in China. Many website’s sell these fake medicines for very low prices, not working as desired. Please check for the hologram logo and red line on the back of the blister.

Furthermore should Cenforce never be used in combination with medicine that are related to heart diseases. If you have any doubt, please contact your doctor first.

What are the side effects of Cenforce?

Only few users notice any side effects at all. This is the reason why this medicine is so popular. But in case there is any side effects, this can be noticed:
– Headache; make sure to drink enough water before, during and after sex. Not eating well can be the cause as well.
– Dizziness; due to a rise of nitric oxide it might cause some dizziness.
– Dehydration; due to losing fluids and increase in warmth, your body will dehydrate faster.
– Blushing; due to arteries being more wide it can occur to show some redness in the face

Where can I order Cenforce?

With KamagraFun you can easily and anonymously order Cenforce and other erection medicine. We offer the possibility to pay by international bank transfer (SEPA) or with crypto currencies as bitcoin. All orders before 4pm will be shipped with priority on the same day, including discrete and blanco shipping. All products offered by KamagraFun are original and directly from the supplier, the best webshop available for all erection medicine!

Is it safe to order at KamagraFun?

KamagraFun never keeps clients’ personal information stored. As soon as the order has been completed, all personal information is automatically destroyed. Our website, database and email are all separated and heavily secured. This minimises the chances on a data leak. For payment methods we support international bank transfer and Bitcoin, with other payment methods coming soon.


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