Unfortunately for companies like KamagraFun it’s incredible hard to find a corporate bank who supports our services and goods. We are continue working on solutions to solve this problem. Due to this, we cannot support iDeal, PayPal or creditcard payments at the time.
At the moment we do support the following payment methods: International bank transfer (SEPA) or Bitcoin (BTC). Below you can find more information.

International Bank Transfer (SEPA)

The total order amount should be booked to our corporate bank account. After placing your order you will receive an email with all necessary bank details. Please double check the bank information and make sure to include your order number (ie. #1234) in the details. Since it might take up to two days for us to receive the payment, we suggest to send us a screenshot or picture of the payment. We will make sure to proces your order immediately.
On your bank statement you won’t find any traces back to KamagraFun, to make sure you stay anonymous.

Bitcoin (BTC)

An other payment method we support is Bitcoin. When you use Bitcoin to pay for your order, it will be confirmed instantly and we make sure to have your order shipped right away. On top of that Bitcoin is our most anonymous payment method, as no bank or other third party takes part in the transaction. The downside of Bitcoin is that it might be harder to use, luckily there is a lot of information available on the internet.

In case you have any questions regarding Bitcoin, please don’t hesitate to Contact us.

Other cryptocurrencies

We also offer the possibility to pay with other cryptocurrencies. Please Contact us!

iDeal / Paypal / Creditcard

Unfortunately we do not support iDeal, PayPal or Creditcard payments at the moment. The reason for this is due to not being able to open a (Dutch) bank account, with the products we offer. We keep working on this.